Mission & Values

Kununurra Taekwondo's mission is to strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all our students where they are given opportunities to be the best person they can be.  

We are guided by our Student Oath and Tenets.


I shall observe the tenets of taekwondo

I shall respect the instructors and seniors

I shall never misuse taekwondo

I shall be a Champion of Freedom and Justice

I shall help build a more Peaceful world





Self Control

Indomitable Spirit


Our Story

Kununurra Taekwondo 1st began in Kununurra in July 1995 and was run by Mr Graham Haynes until Dec 2006.  In 2001 the club became affiliated with the Chungdokwan School under the guidance of Master Robert Fitton (6th Dan) from Darwin and to this day are still affiliated with Chungdokwan.
Mr. Dick Pasfield took over the reins of the club from 2007 to 2010.   In 2006 Mrs. Lynne McIntyre from Darwin became the Club’s Head Instructor and this association continued until 2013.  In 2008 Mrs Riley 1st Dan recommenced the “Little Tiger” training sessions for 6-9 yo's.  This proved very popular with classes filling very quickly.  
In 2010 Mrs. Riley was promoted 2nd Dan and in 2011 commenced as the Club's Instructor running 3 classes per week and monthly sparring sessions.  
In 2013 the club came under the guidance of Chungdokwan Grandmaster Adrian Hitch (9th Dan Chungdokwan) from Adelaide and has not looked back.  His extensive knowledge of the art and self defence has seen the standard of training within the club dramatically improve.  

In 2018 the club rebranded the classes with the evening classes being titled “Dragons”, the white/yellow belt class known as “Imugis” (dragons in training) and the younger class being changed to “Little Dragons”. 
The club now holds 4 training sessions per week, regular full contact sparring sessions, jumping front kick competitions, self defence seminars, camps and attendance at Northern Territory Championships.
 2019 was a very busy year for the club, celebrating it 25, conducting its own Championships with Darwin also in attendance.  Poomsae, sparring, self defence and jumping front kick competitions were all well patronised.  Also regular instructor Mrs Riley announced her move to Albany so the club also needed to find a replacement instructor.   

2020 and COVID-19 saw club activities on hold for a term which gave the club time to restructure after Mrs Riley's departure.   Now in 2021 the club is still growing with younger Black Belt students taking classes well supported by a very active committee, regular visits from Grandmaster Hitch and Mrs Riley.

Kununurra Taekwondo is a well run organisation with a very active committee, dedicated instructors and committed students.   Now commenicng its 27th year Kununurra Taekwondo continues to provide a year round alternative physical activity to all members of the community.

Through commitment and perseverance students have the ability to achieve an international accreditation of this sport.