Coloured Belt Poomsae
Taegeuks 1-8 
and Koryo

The links below will take you to YouTube video demonstrations of the poomsae required to be demonstrated at coloured belt promotion testings for Kununurra Taekwondo.  Two video links have been provided for each taegeuk; a shorter refresher version and a longer and very detailed version.  The longer version has been produced by Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters and released in October, 2020.  The use of these videos is intended for general guidance only and further advice on the finer points of the taegeuk should be sought from your instructor.    

1. Taegeuk Il Jang (Grading from White belt to Yellow 1 Belt)
The symbol for Taeguek Il Jang is "Keon" meaning the "sky or heaven" 


2. Taegeuk EE Jang (Grading from Yellow 1 to Yellow 2)
The symbol for Taeguek EE Jang is "Tae" meaning "river" which
      implies internal strength and external gentleness.


3.  Taegeuk Sam Jang (Grading from Yellow 2 to Yellow 3)
The symbol for Taeguk Sam Jang is "Ri" meaning fire.
       Through Taekwondo training, you have developed  physical strength, and inner power.


4Taegeuk Sah Jang (Grading from Yellow 3 to  Blue 1)
    The symbol for Taeguek Sah Jang is "Jin" meaning "thunder"
     which implies undeniable power and dignity.

5. Taegeuk Oh Jang (Grading from Blue 1 to Blue 2)
The symbol for Taeguek Oh Jang is "Sohn" meaning "wind."
     Wind can be gentle when it is a breeze and devastating
     when it becomes a hurricane.


6. Taegeuk Yuk Jang (Grading from Blue  2 to Blue 3)
The symbol for Taeguek Yuk Jang is "Gam" meaning "water."
     Water the sustenance of life. Water symbolizes a constant flow and the ultimate flexibility.


7. Taegeuk Chil Jang (Grading from Blue 3 to Red 1)
The symbol for Taeguek Chil Jang is "Ghan" meaning "mountain."
     A mountain is the spirit of firmness and strength.


8. Taegeuk Pal Jang (Grading from Red 1 to Red 2)
The symbol for Taeguek Pal Jang is "Kohn" meaning "earth" which is the
     foundation of growth for all life and the place to which all life returns.


9. Poomsae Koryo (Grading from Red  2 to Red 3)
Koryo is the name for an ancient Korean Dynasty (AD918-1392),
     which flourished with the spirits of the Seonbi (scholar) and Musa (warrior). 
     Koryo therefore symbolizes the spirit of the Seonbi warrior who has characterized by a
     strong martial spirit ands well as a righteous character.  place to which all life returns.