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Why do I volunteer?

This is my very 1st blog and was a bit stumped what to write about. They say - write what you know about. Then the light bulb moment. "Volunteering" I have been volunteering all my life in all sorts of roles. Volunteering can be as small a task or as big a task as you like. So why do I volunteer and what has volunteering done for me? Over the years I have developed a deep belief of giving back. If my family or myself received a benefit from the community I believe we should give back in one form or another. So I am driven by this belief. Most long term volunteers will tell you though that they get more back than they give and I have found that as well.

I had one of those moments this Saturday morning. I have been the lead instructor of the local taekwondo club for 8 years. This Saturday I was running late for our sparring session and asked a few people to get the session going. When I walked into the hall everything was set up, I was told 2 of our younger coloured belt students ran the warmup and there was a sea of new parent helpers getting involved. For the 1st time this year the Little Dragon group (6-9yo) were joining this sparring session. When those young kids got out there for their 1st real spa and I saw how they were trying so hard my heart just swelled with so much pride. All those hours of teaching them how to kick, punch, block was worth it to see these young students get out there and give it their all. But not only that - some of our Dragon students (12yo) came along and helped with session.. Saturday morning was a fantastic volunteering moment for me being surrounded by like minded people, being able to get club members together to support a common cause and watching everyone working together to create a fun filled morning. I am still on a high and this Saturday reminded me of why I volunteer.

By Sue Riley, Lead Instructor, Kununurra Taekwondo Inc

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